Weird Luck Tales No. 8

Argawarga Press

Weird Luck Tales 8, edited by Andrew M. Reichart. Cover painting by Matt Jaffe depicts the mysterious cairn from Molly Tanzer's story, "But Only Because I Love You": a pile of large stones in a barren moonlit desert, with a full moon near the horizon in a dark blue sky.
Ebook and Paperback 
(paperback purchase includes free ebook)

Weird Luck Tales No. 8 features strange stories by eight authors: Ross T. Byers, Zin E. Rocklyn, Carrie Laben, s.j. bagley, Molly Tanzer, Brendan P. Bartholomew, Scott Nicolay, and Nick Walker.

Cover and interior illustrations by Matt Jaffe. Interior photographs by Scott Nicolay. Cover design by Clint Marsh. Book design by Casandra Johns.

Edited by Andrew M. Reichart.

$ 8.99