Weird Luck

Wallflower Assassin by Andrew M. Reichart

Argawarga Press

Wallflower Assassin by Andrew M. Reichart
Wallflower Assassin follows a confused killer on a kaleidoscopic journey through a series of half-familiar worlds. Uncertain of the cause of his chaotic interdimensional travels, fleeting hints from his uncanny intuition suggest he is at the mercy of some unseen foe. As he drifts between drug-hazed parties and scenes of horrific violence, he gradually pieces together parts of the scheme against him, until he uncovers the dreadful secret behind it all….  

This second edition includes all-new original illustrations by Skinner, Michael Bukowski, Lenka Simeckova, builtfromsketch, Brandon Kawashima, Euan Boyd, and Mike Bennewitz.

$ 20.00