Spoon Knife 4: A Neurodivergent Guide to Spacetime

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Spoon Knife 4: A Neurodivergent Guide to Spacetime


If time and space held no constraints upon you —
what would you change?
who would you protect?
what would you be willing to sacrifice?

Welcome to A Neurodivergent Guide to Spacetime. Inside lie twenty-four pieces in which time and space bend, twist, fold, occasionally break, and all around refuse to behave.

This fourth volume of the annual Spoon Knife anthology is edited by B. Allen and Dora M. Raymaker  and based on a concept from N. I. Nicholson.

Featuring works by:

Rosalind Wulf • Robert Wilf • Arwen SpicerPhil SmithHolly Schofield • Gerard Sarnat • B R SandersJennifer Lee RossmanVerity ReynoldsAndrew M. Reichart • L. Rose Reed • Dora M. RaymakerN. I. NicholsonHarmony NealJessica McHugh • Andrew J Lucas • L. N. Kirby • Alyssa HillaryAlyssa Gonzalez • Scott A. Ceier • Bipul Banerjee • B. Allen

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