Barking Sycamores: Year 2 edited by V. E. Maday and N.I. Nicholson

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Barking Sycamores: Year 2 edited by V. E. Maday and N.I. Nicholson

Barking Sycamores: Year Two continues an ongoing tradition of collecting literature and artwork by neurodivergent creatives published in the online journal, and sharing this body of work with the world in an annual anthology. Year Two includes poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, hybrid genre work, and art from over 30 contributors, including both emerging and established authors and artists. We proudly carry on our mission to provide a medium for neurodivergent voices and invite you to read this exciting, groundbreaking collection that includes Issued 5 through 8 of the journal.

Featuring: Maggie Bara, Matthew Robb Brown, T.K. Dalton, Aaron Deck, Jessica Goody, Irving A. Greenfield, Ethar Hamid, Erin Human, Heather Kamp, Malkeeer Kaur, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Philip Kobylarz, Laurie Kolp, E Lewly, Jessica Lindsley, Sean J Mahoney, Kelsey May, Sarah McMahon, Debra McQueen, Michael Scott Monje, Jr, N.I. Nicholson, DM O'Connor, Claire Phelan, The Puzzlebox Collective, Barbara Ruth, Bonnie Schell, Tamara Kay Sellman, Amy Sequenzia, Judson Simmons, Lynn Vargas, Danielle Watkins, Gwendolyn White-Kater, Christopher Wood-Robbins

ISBN: 978-1-945955-04-4

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