Spoon Knife 5: Liminal

NeuroQueer Books

Spoon Knife 5: Liminal
Tales of thresholds and transitions, entry points and crossings-over, states of in-betweenness, things that lurk at the edges of memory or awareness or reality.

This fifth volume of the Spoon Knife neuroqueer lit anthology features mind-expanding, genre-bending work from 24 authors:

Alice Beecher
Allyson Shaw
Alyssa Gonzalez
Alyssa Hillary
Amara George Parker
Andrew M. Reichart
Athena “Tina” Monday
Brett Gaffney
Brianna Bullen
Cody Goodfellow
Craig Laurance Gidney
David Robinson
Dora M. Raymaker
Jessica Goody
Lucas Scheelk
Margaret Killjoy
Nick Walker
Noley Reid
Orrin Grey
Phil Smith
R. M. Conrad
Scott Nicolay
Tito Mukhopadhyay
Verity Reynolds [interview]

$ 29.00