Shaping Clay: The Elementary Trilogy

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Shaping Clay: The Elementary Trilogy

Things are about to get weird in the Clay Dillon universe with the upcoming Gaslight Village. If you need to catch up on the series before it arrives, this bundle puts together the first three books, #1, #25, and #2. You won't find the three together for a better price, and you won't believe how different the story is when you can see all of it at once. This $45 bundle includes Nothing is Rightthe Lambda Literary Finalist Defiant, and the epic Imaginary Friends. You can also treat yourself to the ebook bundle for just $25.

Note: Ebook delivery will be via a compressed folder (.zip file). You will need an app that supports .zip extraction to access the books. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is our only way to manage multiple file delivery at this time.

If you are interested in supporting Gaslight Village and gaining access to it as a serial subscriber, check out Michael's Patreon.

$ 45.00