Nantais by Verity Reynolds

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Nantais by Verity Reynolds

Newly Remastered Second Edition


Richard Hayek is an exolinguist with a troubled past and a way with his fists. As the first officer of the ISS Jemison, his duty is to smooth the way for the ship's crew of scientists to explore places never before seen by human beings. And he likes his job, when he gets to do it. But when a rogue computer virus leaves the Jemison stranded and her crew helpless, Hayek's options aren't promising. There's also the matter of David Molloy, the captain's son, missing for four months after an encounter with some enigmatic space pirates. Hayek’s only leads are an unscrupulous station administrator, an illicit chop shop, and the station's head of computer sciences, an alien named Dar Nantais. But Nantais is dying, and something much bigger may be aiming to wipe out her entire species.
In Book One of the Non-Compliant Space series, Verity Reynolds introduces us to a unique cast of characters and an unforgettable world of interstellar intrigue.

“Verity Reynolds gives us a vivid and memorable cast of characters and a gripping story that draws on classic space opera and cyberpunk traditions, and masterfully weaves in themes of queerness and neurodiversity, biting satire, and radical perspectives on the nature of love, family, consciousness, compliance, and resistance. Years from now, people will look back on Nantais as one of the foundational works in the emerging genre of neuroqueer science fiction.”
––Nick Walker, neurodiversity scholar and co-creator of the Weird Luck stories and comics

“Nantais is at its most interesting when Reynolds uses alien forms of communication to lightly upend common wisdom about communication in humans.”
––Ada Hoffmann, award-winning author of The Outside and Monsters in My Mind

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