Barking Sycamores Collection

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Barking Sycamores Collection

Barking Sycamores has been a staple outlet for the neurodivergent writing community for almost four years now, and we are happy to be hosting their work as a company. Since its inception, Sycamores has worked to promote a variety of neurodivergent voices, including both those cultivated in traditional MFA programs and those that find their rhythm in less formal traditions.

Today, we are working on making sure Barking Sycamores pays every contributor, but to do that we need to raise the funds that will cover paying writers for work that can be read freely on the website by anyone--at least for a time. That's part of the reason that Autonomous Press is presenting this deal on the set of Barking Sycamores anthologies we have on offer. These two volumes reprint the vast majority of the works that were included in the first eight issues between them, comprising an important snapshot of the development of this particular poetic niche.

The volumes include work by Michael Scott Monje Jr. and the other members of the Puzzlebox Collective, N.I. Nicholson, E Lewy, Barbara Ruth, and many more. Order your copies today to experience these works today, and then check out the Sycamores blog for the current issue. Right now, we are paying each writer whose work is released to the annual anthology when that anthology is released, but we hope to grow this journal until we pay every writer at the point where we publish their work online, and we need your help to do that.

$ 40.00