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Welcome to AutPress Direct, the retail store for Autonomous Press. Here you will find all of our books and other merchandise, including our anthologies and single-author titles. Our books all come with a few extra benefits:

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We're looking at adding global ordering for our paperbacks, but for now, we can only ship to North American shoppers.

Our books all have one thing in common: they grapple with the idea of 'normal,' teasing out its assumptions and making comments on its motives before ultimately dismissing it as a greater fiction than the drama in the story itself. Beyond that, they are diverse, exploring identities and concepts through the lens of individual perception. We don't stifle authors in this exploration. That means you will find every genre in our catalog, from family drama to surreal slipstream escapades, weird speculative fiction and horror, and even experimental literary works.

Browse through our catalog and discover some of the most innovative new voices in fiction and poetry today, including the Lambda Literary finalist Michael Scott Monje Jr.'s transgender coming out novel Defiant.