About Us

Autonomous Press is an independent publisher of books by voices that are traditionally marginalized in publishing. Currently, its partnership is all autistic, but many different forms of neurodivergence are represented in our author pool, which also includes authors doing important work on gender, class, race, and wider disability issues and applications of the neurodiversity paradigm. Its main imprint, AutPress, publishes both fiction and nonfiction according to this mandate. A secondary imprint, NeuroQueer Books, brings together neurodivergent and queer voices to discuss parallel and intersecting ways of experiencing the world.

In 2016, two Autonomous Press books were listed as finalists in the Lambda Literary awards. One, Defiant, is still in print with the press today. In addition to that, our catalog includes work by Fable the Poet and anthologies featuring some of the most unique and surprising neurodivergent writers emerging into publication today. We look forward to working with a number of our previous anthology contributors to bring out electronic and print chapbooks, and we plan to give new writers plenty of opportunities to be read with our annual Barking Sycamores and Spoon Knife anthologies.

You can learn more about our approach and our mission at our main site.